Something about being a developer…

I must have written this first sentence of this post 4-5 times, and just deleted it, and then I thought, why not use that as my opening sentence; and here we are.

Over the last few weeks (I think, for all I know, it could be months), I have been feeling peculiar.

Getting up for work in a morning is a struggle, my alarm is set for 7:30am, on a good day I can be awake, showered, dressed and watching the morning news by 8:00, on a bad day, I can be rushing to eat breakfast while getting dressed at 8:30. I don’t think that my inability to get out of bed is due to the lack of sleep, as I’ve not fallen asleep before “bedtime”, and I’m normally wide awake when I head to bed at midnight.

During the day, I’m finding it increasingly harder to concentrate at the task in hand and it’s a struggle to stay focussed. In the past, I would fix this by putting my headphones in and listening to some Drum and Bass, but that now gives me a headache. Instead I’m mostly preoccupied by feeling too warm, too cold, not being comfortable at my desk, feeling hungry, thirsty or needing the loo. Maybe that’s it, my desk and chair aren\’t working for me any more?

At nights, I used to work on my projects or overtime, that rarely happens anymore, instead I sit there like a drone watching what ever crap is being broadcasted on TV.

I’m pretty sure that other people (especially developers) must have experienced something like this, so if you have, how did you get over it? How did you cope and what did you change? I really used to enjoy developing, and I still have good days that remind me why I “fell” into the profession, but it’s making me doubt the whole thing.

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