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For as long as I can remember, my Apple ID password has expired every few months. Until recently, I wasn’t sure how regular it happened, as I wasn’t keeping track. But after keeping note of when it expired, it appeared to be every 90 days.

The requirements for setting a new password once your current one had expired, was that it couldn’t be one used in the last 12 months, had to contain letters (both cases) and numbers. As you can imagine, this got very annoying pretty quickly; having to sign in multiple times per device (iTunes, App Store, iMessage and FaceTime) is bloody annoying.

I first contacted Apple (iTunes/iCloud support) over a year ago, and they said because my account had once been a developer account, I’d have to contact developer support. The representative in developer support, had no idea why it was happening and told me to go back to iTunes/iCloud support. After going around in a circle for a few hours, I conceded that I’d just have to change my password every 90 days.

It happened again recently, and this time, I wanted to get it sorted. After googling, I found someone that had a the same problem as me. I followed the suggestions he posted, and I appeared to be getting somewhere!

One thing that really struck me, was that they couldn’t tell me what service I had used (or was actively using) that forced this security restriction upon my account. After some relentless asking, I managed to get my case escalated to a technician who could find out… apparently at some stage, I had accessed the “Apple Channel Portal”.

I have now requested that my access to this be removed, and hopefully this will prevent my password expiring!

If anyone else has this issue, complete and submit this form and you can reference my case #785305430… It may help you in finding out which services have imposed this restriction, even though they say it’s not possible – they did it for me!

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