14 Days in…

So we’re 2 weeks into 2018 and I thought “I should write an update on how things have gone”… Well here’s that post, and lets do them in order of that initial post.

The thing which was the catalyst for these changes; things didn’t work out and that’s all you’re getting. Privacy is a rare and beautiful thing these days.

My weightloss is going alright, I’ve managed to go from 70.5kg to 67.8kg which is pretty good going, far better than I anticipated. Hopefully I can keep it up. I’ve had my ups and downs, but despite everything else that’s going on, I’ve done alright. 

Headspace is still on my list of things to take up, I’ve not managed it yet , but over the next few weeks I really, really need to focus on both my physical and mental health.

As for advancing my personal and professional development, I’ve managed to become more active in a few developer slack rooms; including some PHP and Laravel ones which has helped me learn a few new techniques. I’m still planning on learning Go and working on my personal project (which I am now being chased for; damn marketing!).

TL;DR Dating didn’t work out. Diet progress is strong. Need to focus on my physical/mental health more so. Personal/Professional development is going alright.

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