It’s the end of January

It’s the end of January, and here’s an update on how things have progressed from my last update and overall since I posted my list of “goals” on Boxing day.

My weightloss is on track, with me weighing 66.2kg this morning – meaning a total loss this month of  4.3kg (1.6kg since my last update). My target was to lose 1lb (~400g a week) and I’ve consistently beaten this which is pretty good. At this rate, I’ll reach my target weight (the darker dashed line) in just over 3 months.

Since my last update I’ve been pretty busy with work and other stuff going on in my life, so much so I’ve not yet had time to start my Headspace journey. I’m going to try and start tomorrow and go all through February completing a session a day. They say small, persistent changes are the best right?

I’ve also started making good progress on one of my side-projects, I’ve been making myself dedicate 5 hours a week to it – so either evenings or a day over the weekend. This has worked pretty well thus far.

I’m also well aware that some of the people that follow my blog might be getting annoyed at these “progress” style reports that aren’t actually development related, don’t worry though. After this one I am going to reduce them to one a month and I’m going to try and start posting more development related content, so keep an eye out for that.

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