API HTTP Methods

When building an API there are 5 main HTTP verbs/methods that you will run into, these include  the usual GET, POST and DELETE but there are 2 you may not have heard of… PUT and PATCH. This post briefly describes each of these along with simple use-cases for utilisation in a RESTful API.

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Your Apple ID password has expired

For as long as I can remember, my Apple ID password has expired every few months. Until recently, I wasn’t sure how regular it happened, as I wasn’t keeping track. But after keeping note of when it expired, it appeared to be every 90 days.

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Something about being a developer

I must have written this first sentence of this post 4-5 times, and just deleted it, and then I thought, why not use that as my opening sentence; and here we are.

Over the last few weeks (I think, for all I know, it could be months), I have been feeling peculiar.

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