It’s the end of January

It’s the end of January, and here’s an update on how things have progressed from my last update and overall since I posted my list of “goals” on Boxing day.

My weightloss is on track, with me weighing 66.2kg this morning – meaning a total loss this month of  4.3kg (1.6kg since my last update). My target was to lose 1lb (~400g a week) and I’ve consistently beaten this which is pretty good. At this rate, I’ll reach my target weight (the darker dashed line) in just over 3 months. Read more

14 Days in…

So we’re 2 weeks into 2018 and I thought “I should write an update on how things have gone”… Well here’s that post, and lets do them in order of that initial post.

The thing which was the catalyst for these changes; things didn’t work out and that’s all you’re getting. Privacy is a rare and beautiful thing these days. Read more

2018, time for change…

Towards the end of last year things in my personal life began to pick up, I’ve been dating someone which is great. I’ve not felt happier for ages. I am going to use the new year as a catalyst to help me make some other changes in my life that I have been delaying for ages.

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Laravel Certification Program

In 2016 I attended Laracon EU in Amsterdam with a few team members from Netsells. Being able to both Adam Watham and Taylor Otwell has got to be one of the highlights. Being in such such an astounding environment, surrounded by fellow developers is such a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone. Read more

Multi-Tenancy in Laravel 5.5

For the past few months I have been working on a SaaS which, like most SaaS applications has multi-tenancy at it’s core. In this post, I am going to share code from my application and discuss why I have implemented it the way I have. I have implemented it in such a way that each tenant has their own database, I chose this method because it’ll make it easier to split the databases across multiple servers if the need to scale horizontally ever arises. Read more

Something about being a developer…

I must have written this first sentence of this post 4-5 times, and just deleted it, and then I thought, why not use that as my opening sentence; and here we are.

Over the last few weeks (I think, for all I know, it could be months), I have been feeling peculiar.

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