Craig SansamHey! If you hadn’t guessed yet, my name is Craig Sansam and I am a Software Engineer.

I became interested in websites when I was about 12. My first sites I built were awful, built using Microsoft Powerpoint and Publisher. I quickly discovered this wasn’t how professionals did it, and transitioned to Microsoft Frontpage and began learning HTML and CSS. Once I’d mastered the basics, I moved to Macromedia Dreamweaver. This is when my interest for PHP ignited, initially using the built in generators to generate a simple blog. I purchased PHP and MySQL for dummies book and started my journey of mastering PHP. Alongside this, my development environment evolved as well, moving to phpDesigner an the to NotePad++ and then finally migrating from Windows to Mac and my all too familiar Sublime Text, PhpStorm and Atom saga begins.

Over the last few years, I have worked with PHP frameworks, including Laravel and CodeIgniter as well as working with raw PHP. I’ve also worked with other technologies such as ElasticSearch, and integrations utilising many third-party APIs including FaceBook, FourSquare and Twitter.


Coming soon! (hopefully)